May- Favorite Songs

 To call my taste in music diverse would be an understatement. I am truly unpredictable when it comes to music, even I don’t know what I will end up liking. If you shuffle my spotify playlist you can end up listening to anything from the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack to Shaggy to Michael Buble to Jesse McCartney to Eminem to Elton John to Britney Spears. One minute I will be passionately singing to “Stick to the Status Quo” and the next I’ll be screaming the lyrics to “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance. And another thing is, I don’t really get sick of songs. Some of my favorite songs have been a consistent favorite since I was 8. So in short, attempting to apply logic and reason to my song choices will get us nowhere. here are the songs that I have been listening to on repeat this month!

1. Single for the Summer– Sam Hunt (this has been a favorite for MONTHS)

2. Night Changes– One Direction. – excuse me while I cry. This song makes me super emotional.

3. Angel– Shaggy           (no explanation necessary, right?)

4. I Look So Good Without You– Jessie James.        – I mean this song is pretty old, but I have just rediscovered it and I’m obsessed. It’s just a perfect, getting ready in the morning song.

5. Stupid Boy– Keith Urban             – I literally play this song over and over and over and over. I just can’t get enough.

6. Sun Daze– Florida Georgia Line        – this is just an amazing driving around in the summer song.

7. He Mele No Lilo–               don’t ask any questions just please go put on this song right now and you will understand why it is one of my forever faves.

8. Watching You– Rodney Atkins         – this song just makes me so excited to have kids ( in the VERY distant future)

9. It’s A Beautiful Day– Michael Buble.    – its actually scientifically impossible to be sad after listening to this song. This song is actually dangerous because I WILL dance when this song comes on- no matter where I am or who I’m with.

10. Better Than You Left Me– Mickey Guyton           – this girl has an AHHHHMAZING voice

11. Before The Storm– Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus            – because I still have hope for Niley….

12. My Boo– Usher             – so this song is back on my favorites because of a vine I saw recently. It is my favorite video EVER. I think I like their voices better than usher tbh.

13. New Flame– Chris Brown        –  it’s catchy, what can I say

14. Break Up With Him– Old Dominion –  I mean its a little messed up but still weirdly sweet.

15. Fabulous– Sharpay                  – because it’s not summer until you have watched HSM 2.


Well, I have so many more May favorites but I am limiting myself to 15!! Let me know if we have any mutual favorites or if you have different favorites!

XOXO,  Jordan


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