Back-to-School Essentials



I don’t know if I’m the only one- but I LOVE going back to school. I feel like I am at my best when I am busy and productive- but school can easily get overwhelming. I am able to keep track of everything much easier when I am properly equipped.

Here are a few of my back to school essentials! I will do another post where I list all of the school supplies I think are important for the year, but these are just my favorites!

  1. A cute planner. Having a planner is KEY to having a successful school year. One problem many people have is they buy a planner just to have it sit in their backpack without ever being used. This problem can be solved by buying a cute planner that you absolutely love. Every year I have so much fun picking out a new planner. When it is one I love, I am motivated to use it. I usually buy mine at Target.
  2. A clipboard. This has become an essential of mine since entering college. Many times you will be in a lecture with 200+ students- in classes like these, you often do not get a desk, only a seat in an auditorium. This of course, makes it much harder to take notes. I solved this problem by using a clipboard! It also comes in handy when you are doing homework on the go. I got mine at walmart and monogrammed it with my decal from on etsy.
  3. A binder/ binders. How many binders you use definitely depends on how many/ what type of classes you are taking. Sometimes I need one for each class, and other times I can combine my classes into a few binders. This semester I am using three binders for my courses. One binder for all of my online classes, one for my science class and another for my theater class. When I combine classes into one binder, like for my online classes, I also buy cute dividers to keep organized. I have had my binders for a really long time and I keep them cute by printing out cute designs to put on the outside plastic. I bought my dividers at Target.
  4. An agenda. This is separate from my planner. I usually use a cute composition book for my agenda but you can use anything!  In my daily agenda, I write out a detailed plan for each day. This includes EVERYTHING I will do that day, including wake up time, meals, etc. I write my agenda for the next day every night before bed and then review it in the morning. This step really helps me to feel prepared for the day.
  5. A ruler. I am an extremely organized note taker. My favorite style of notes is Cornell, so I use a ruler when I am taking notes to keep my lines straight and tidy!
  6. Writing utensils: pens, pencils, highlighters, and sharpies. Plus a cute pencil case to store them!
  7. Notebooks. I buy one for each class and label it with a white label (I use these for everything!) I splurged this year and got five star notebooks.
  8. Other essentials: a hole puncher, stapler, notecards, scissors, post it notes, labels (extremely important to me)

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