Easy DIY jewelry dish



I am horrible at keeping track of my jewelry. I had a horrible situation a year ago when I lost a beautiful ring that my boyfriend gave me- luckily a few days ago my mom found it buried deep in the couch at her house. To avoid this happening again, I realized I need to have a place for it anytime it is not on my finger, and this super cute jewelry dish was born.

First of all, my jewelry dish is actually a soap dish that I bought at Walmart for $2. c13b48bd-6b09-4e83-81da-bfba5365b2f1_1-2a41016a2ef2d1436bfe26ca9d0f3193

I liked that it was a little deeper than most jewelry dishes and also for $2, I couldn’t pass it up! To make it cuter, I added an adorable monogram from C’est La Vie Designs on etsy because who wants a basic jewelry dish? This was extremely simple DIY but it looks so cute and saved me so much money.


As a brand rep for C’est La Vie Designs, I’ve been given a coupon code that you are all free to use if you ever need adorable monograms!! ” JORDAN10″ 🙂

Let me know if you want to see more DIYS!


2 thoughts on “Easy DIY jewelry dish

  1. This is a good idea. I too am horrible about keeping track of my jewelry, there just does not seem to be the right solution out there. If I buy a jewelry box then my necklaces are too long for it. If I buy a literal jewelry cabinet, yes my necklaces would fit, but it would be ridiculous because I don’t have much jewelry.


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