Summer Essentials on SALE at Bath and Body Works!

bbw summer


Bath and Body Works had many amazing deals happening today, including the $12.50 candle sale, the $7 sale on the new summer line, and the summer tote bags ($25 when you spend $30).

I was so excited to see that the new summer scents went on sale, especially since they included things like the foaming body oils, shower jellies, and shapeable soap! I love all of the fun new forms that they have been putting out for this line, and the packaging is too cute! The new line has a few different scents, but poolside pop is my absolute favorite. The key notes are: Sparkling Lime, Drenched Kiwi, Crushed Cucumber, Pink Hibiscus, and Creamy Woods. It is sweet and fruity- a perfect summer fragrance.

The $7 sale was amazing, especially when you think about how many items normally cost $16.50. Here are my favorites from the sale (everything I picked out was in the scent poolside pop, but there are many other great scents to choose from!):

  1. The poolside pop foaming body oil: My favorite product from the new line is the foaming body oil. I think it might be my favorite thing that the store has ever sold. It makes my skin GLOW and feel so soft and moisturized. I also love the fact that it foams first, so it is not drippy and messy like most body oils. I cannot stress enough how much I love this body oil. It just looks so beautiful, especially when layered with the poolside pop diamond shimmer mist. You have to try it, it is a game-changer for sure.
  2. The diamond shimmer mist: this is one of the prettiest shimmer mists I have ever used! It gives your skin the most gorgeous glow on days where you want to sparkle!
  3. The lotion and body cream: I am grouping these together because there is nothing extra special about them except for how cute the packaging is and how amazing they smell!
  4. The shower jelly: I absolutely love the shower jellies! They are super fun to use and a little goes a long way.
  5. Aqua Cool Aloe Lotion: for those of you who are extremely sunburn prone (like me), this will be your best friend this summer. It keeps your skin soft while also nourishing and soothing it, and it smells soooo much better than aloe vera. It feels even better if you store it in the fridge! There are so many great scents to choose from, including Japanese Cherry Blossom, Pretty As A Peach, and A Thousand Wishes.
  6. The Smoothie Scrub: This scrub makes my skin feel so smooth, plus it is infused with blueberry seeds, vitamin A, Acai, and pomegranate extracts!

I also picked up the new “Hooray!” (pink apple punch) candle. I just could not resist it at $12.50. The notes in this sweet scent are: bubbly champagne, pink lady apples, and juicy honeydew. I used my free item coupon to snag the new Ocean body wash for my boyfriend.

Finally, I picked up the cooler bag. There were two summer bags to choose from: one was a cute palm tree tote which was filled with coco-shea products and the other was a gold cooler bag filled with at the beach products. I was so excited because the bag I chose came with the body scrub, which at $16.50 practically pays for the whole bag. It also came with a bath bomb, body lotion, fine fragrance mist, and a hand cream!

I am absolutely thrilled with all of the new, fun products bath and body works has been coming up with lately! Let me know if you have any questions about any of the other products from the new summer line! I would love to hear what you are all loving currently!





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