What’s in my backpack

Here is what I keep in my backpack on an average school day. thumbnail_IMG_0900


Back-to-School Essentials



I don’t know if I’m the only one- but I LOVE going back to school. I feel like I am at my best when I am busy and productive- but school can easily get overwhelming. I am able to keep track of everything much easier when I am properly equipped.

Here are a few of my back to school essentials! I will do another post where I list all of the school supplies I think are important for the year, but these are just my favorites!

  1. A cute planner. Having a planner is KEY to having a successful school year. One problem many people have is they buy a planner just to have it sit in their backpack without ever being used. This problem can be solved by buying a cute planner that you absolutely love. Every year I have so much fun picking out a new planner. When it is one I love, I am motivated to use it. I usually buy mine at Target.
  2. A clipboard. This has become an essential of mine since entering college. Many times you will be in a lecture with 200+ students- in classes like these, you often do not get a desk, only a seat in an auditorium. This of course, makes it much harder to take notes. I solved this problem by using a clipboard! It also comes in handy when you are doing homework on the go. I got mine at walmart and monogrammed it with my decal from https://www.etsy.com/shop/cestlaviedesignss on etsy.
  3. A binder/ binders. How many binders you use definitely depends on how many/ what type of classes you are taking. Sometimes I need one for each class, and other times I can combine my classes into a few binders. This semester I am using three binders for my courses. One binder for all of my online classes, one for my science class and another for my theater class. When I combine classes into one binder, like for my online classes, I also buy cute dividers to keep organized. I have had my binders for a really long time and I keep them cute by printing out cute designs to put on the outside plastic. I bought my dividers at Target.
  4. An agenda. This is separate from my planner. I usually use a cute composition book for my agenda but you can use anything!  In my daily agenda, I write out a detailed plan for each day. This includes EVERYTHING I will do that day, including wake up time, meals, etc. I write my agenda for the next day every night before bed and then review it in the morning. This step really helps me to feel prepared for the day.
  5. A ruler. I am an extremely organized note taker. My favorite style of notes is Cornell, so I use a ruler when I am taking notes to keep my lines straight and tidy!
  6. Writing utensils: pens, pencils, highlighters, and sharpies. Plus a cute pencil case to store them!
  7. Notebooks. I buy one for each class and label it with a white label (I use these for everything!) I splurged this year and got five star notebooks.
  8. Other essentials: a hole puncher, stapler, notecards, scissors, post it notes, labels (extremely important to me)

My morning routine

In the past, me and mornings did not mix. I’ve always been a morning person deep down, I just never actually woke up at a decent time. This year I really wanted to change that because I do feel amazing when I am up early. I love the quiet and calm of morning, I love having the time to make tea and spend a while making my breakfast, I love being able to take my time getting ready and feeling my best. Even though it is summer, school is going to be starting soon- so I thought I would share my morning routine for the school year. This schedule is based on when I started school at 9:30am, but on days I needed to be out the door earlier, I made tiny tweaks.

First, my morning routine started with what I do the night before. Every single night I would write out my daily schedule for the next day in full detail and I would write out my morning routine. Even though this seems redundant, it helped me to stay motivated and stick to my morning routine.

This schedule SAVED my semester and made me feel happier and more put together overall.


6:15 – wake up ( I set alarms for 6 and 6:15 because I like to have a warning that it is almost time to wake up before I actually need to get out of bed)

6:20-6:45 – I take my morning shower. My nightly shower is always longer because I wash my hair and shave. The morning shower is just about helping me to wake up and feel alert. I grab my favorite body wash and a karaoke-worthy spotify playlist to start my morning right. After my shower, I wash my face with whatever face wash I currently use, then I apply my acne medication and moisturizer. After my face, I brush my teeth and floss. Then I apply my body lotion.

6:45- If I am drinking coffee that day, I will get it started now!

6:50-7:50- I do my hair and makeup now. The first thing I do is wrap my hair up in a turbie twist so that my hair will dry faster while I am putting on my makeup. I usually spend between 20-30 minutes doing my makeup, about 15 minutes on my hair and usually ten minutes getting dressed. If I need more time to get ready that day, I tweak the schedule a little but this is usually more than enough time!

7:50-8- It usually takes me about 10 minutes or less to make my breakfast. During the school week, I usually eat oatmeal or cereal with fruit and a cup of tea of coffee.

8-9 -This is my favorite part of the morning. I set out my breakfast, making sure the area is clean and looks nice so I feel like I can really relax and enjoy breakfast. I put on Netflix, usually in the morning I like to watch Disney movies like Lilo and Stitch or Tangled. While I eat and watch, I review my schedule for the day, make sure my bag is packed, browse pinterest and just enjoy this time I have to myself before the chaotic day begins.

9-9:10- I clear my dishes and brush my teeth again so I do not have coffee breath!

9:15- I leave for class!

This is a really simple routine, but it has helped so much in making me feel more relaxed and scheduled. I always feel prepared for the day and glad that I had some peaceful time before school.

Let me know what your morning routines look like, I am always wanting to add or change things to make my morning even better!

Morning Routine